Susan Bernard Webb is a plein air painter and lover of nature.

She hikes throughout northern California and beyond, often with a ready
canvas strapped to her backpack. 

“I think we are at our best outside, in nature, beyond the reach of traffic and noise. I’m not a spiritual person except in this: when I can hear the breeze come through the trees, feel the cold flow of a stream or lake on my feet, I become a little more grounded and connected to life and its cycles. I think that people who don’t directly and frequently experience nature lose this innate connection to the immensity and timelessness of our universe. They focus on plastic things and wonder why they’re so stressed. Maybe my paintings can remind some of them about how important our natural environment really is to the human spirit.”

Working in both acrylic on canvas (generally with palette knife, not brushes) and chalk pastel, most canvases are painted en plein air (outdoors at the scene). Larger canvases are done in studio, from smaller paintings or from photographs. Because acrylic paint dries very quickly (especially outdoors), the painting style is intentionally fast, messy and textural. Susan’s work has shown locally in the Sacramento area, and she was the original organizer of the Sacramento Plein Air Meetup group. Unschooled in fine art except through a handful of art workshops and lots of experience, she is a working graphic designer by trade, based in Citrus Heights.

Accepted: Sac Fine Arts’ Magnum Opus XXIVPoverty Bar, Cool CA and Gazebo at WPA Garden

Accepted: 2013 Effie Yeaw Nature Center’s Painting Where the
Wild Things Are

Special Award: Sac Fine Arts’ Magnum Opus XXIIIThe Mountain in Snow 

Accepted: Sac Fine Arts’ Magnum Opus XXIIIRound Top Lake and The Mountain in Snow

Award of Excellence: 2012 California State Fair, Vernal Falls.

Honorable Mention: 2011 EYNC’s Painting Where the Wild Things Are: Fair Oaks Bluffs 

Accepted: 2011 Roseville Blue Line Gallery Natural Wonders Show

Accepted: Sacramento Fine Arts’ Magnum Opus XXII (2011)

Accepted: 2010 Effie Yeaw Nature Center’s Painting Where the
Wild Things Are